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Denim I Shield Gloves


This is 1 part of the 2 parts required to make up a whole product.
The Shield Gloves are the outer part of the Inter-locking Batting Gloves.
They are sold independently from the inner part called the Gripper Palm Gloves.
Both parts are needed.
Click here to watch a video about these latest Shield Gloves.
For in-depth information on how this product works, watch this Video about the original version of Shield Gloves and Gripper Palms (still relevant) .
Senior Sizes:
Senior-Large | Senior-Medium | Senior-Small
Left-Handed | Right Handed
Improved ventilation for better moisture management.
Better grip, less slipping than with conventional gloves.
5-star protection rating.
Suitable for professional cricketers.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
While stocks last.



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